* WEATHER ALERT: Orchard Park Co-Op closed 2/1 *
Orchard Park Co Op Education Program

The Orchard Park Co-operative Preschool offers three different programs for children ages three through five years. Additionally, we have a half day summer camp.

All of the Co-op’s programs are similarly structured. Each level uses a theme based approach for teaching in which the focus of the lesson is developed through an array of picture books, direct instruction, art projects, math work, music, games, and field trips. The children learn through many approaches as they move from one learning center to another, playing and exploring at their own pace.

If the Orchard Park District is closed due to weather so are we.

Classes run from 9:15 AM to 12:00 PM. 

3 Year OId Classroom
Each class is staffed by one certified teacher and one teacher assistant. The Three Year Old Class meets two mornings a week and accepts children who will be three by December 1, 2020. The Three Year Old program has a 2 day option and a three day option.
4 Year Old Classroom
Each class is staffed by one certified teacher and one teacher assistant. The Four Year Old Class meets three mornings a week and accepts children who will be four by December 1, 2020. The Four Year Old Program had a 3 day option and a 5 day option.
4 Plus Classroom
The Four Plus Program meets five mornings a week and is designed for children who are eligible for kindergarten and older four year olds who will be five by March 1, 2020. Parent participation is required only as needed for field trips and special projects.
Lunch Bunch

Camp Lunch Bunch is an optional ½ day camp that runs for the 3 weeks after the end of the Co-op†s school year.

2019-2020 School Year: 
Week 1: May 26th-29th (T-F) 
Week 2: June 1st-5th (M-F)
Week 3: June 8th-12th (M-F)

Program Goals
The emphasis of all the programs is on the whole child which includes much more than academic learning alone. Every program is designed to strengthen social skills with adults and other children, enrich and develop a feeling for music, build physical strength and control, and instill a love of learning that will support all future schooling. All of these goals are fostered within a nurturing environment of exploration, expression, and enthusiasm.
Academic Curriculum
We instill an enjoyment of books, develop ability to discriminate by sight, touch, sound, recognize shapes and begin counting.
Physical Activity
Our children gain general coordination of movement, do age-appropriate puzzles, string beads, place pegs, and hold pencil correctly.
Social Development
They will learn to function as part of a group, share, take turns, follow routines like cleaning up, and gain independence in self-help.